Community Guidelines
Yardbarker Community Guidelines

Yardbarker Community Guidelines

Rules of the Yard

  1. Keep it clean (no cursing)
  2. Be civil (no personal attacks)
  3. Don't be a jerk (you know what we mean)

If you wouldn't say it to your mother, you shouldn't say it on Yardbarker. It's really that simple.

Respect all Yardbarkers

Yardbarker is an open community of sports fans. You might not like someone else's favorite team, or you might disagree with a point they're trying to make, but you have to respect your fellow sports fans’ right to express themselves on Yardbarker. Personal attacks or behavior like harassment or use of multiple accounts will not be tolerated. Period.


If something you submit is flagged as inappropriate or spam by a Yardbarker user, it will be reviewed by one of our moderators. If we determine, in our sole discretion, that your submission violates our Community Guidelines or our Terms of Service, your submission will be deleted. Egregious or repeat bad behavior can result in harsher consequences, including temporary or permanent suspension of your account. The same policy applies if you abuse our flagging system. Do not flag content as inappropriate, spam, or miscategorized unless it falls into one of those categories.

Thanks for being in the Yard

You will not like everything you read or see or every person you come across on the site. If you think something violates our Terms of Service, please flag it for our review and we'll take a look. We want you to contribute to Yardbarker, and we want Yardbarker to remain a great place to talk about sports. The only way that can happen is if you follow our Community Guidelines, abide by the Rules of the Yard, and make sure that content you submit doesn't violate our Terms of Service. That's it.

- The Yardbarker Team

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